Customer Success

We were living through a nightmare with our video server until we found 1303. They helped us transition seamlessly into new systems for both work-in-progress and long-term archive storage that have been flawless. Our video and graphics teams are  so much more efficient as well as fully backed up.  Probably most important in the process was the support given by 1303. They are clear communicators and truly have their clients best interest in mind.
Micah Ginn

Associate Athletics Director, University of MS

The Challenge

OMSP struggled not only with finding the right technologies to make their workflow and production better, but making them work once implemented. They required a scalable, robust platform for storage and archive as well as ways to manage the media on it.

The Solution

Quantum StorNext, WDC ActiveScale active archive and 1303’s Crucible MAM form the bedrock for the future. StorNext creates a shared environment where multiple editors are able work on the same footage at the same time while Crucible allows easy management of photos, video, and other documents the production team needs. 


The Story So Far




Ole Miss Sports Production is the creative force behind the University of Mississippi Athletics program. The group creates a broad range of content — everything from in game entertainment to the weekly series The Season that tells the stories of athletes and coaches from the 14 NCAA Division I sports programs at the university. 


When 1303 was first introduced to OMSP, the infrastructure consisted of an old, broken Xsan and shelves of external hard drives. The SAN storage controllers were failing and the 70TB of data was at risk of being lost. On top of this, sharing media and being collaborative amongst the team was extremely difficult. Once the storage situation was stabilized, we went into action creating a multi-phase plan to make sure they had a robust, reliable system in place for Work In Progress, an active archive and backup, and a Media Asset Manager to orchestrate it all and allow content to be found.


Phase 1:


The first step was to implement a new primary tier of storage for Work in Progress. 1303 believes in the power of StorNext for M&E workflow — it’s scalable, performs extremely well, and “just works.” With the amount of content and number of editors on Adobe’s Premiere Pro, we opted for an Xcellis Workflow Director with dedicated metadata and four QXS-456 RAID units. A total of 768TB and bandwidth of 16GB/s now powers the ingest and edit portion of OMSP’s workflow with amazingly little downtime due to technical issues.


Phase 2:


Next, we needed to protect all that content. By this point, much of the external hard drive content had been put onto the StorNext volume to provide some protection. This even included more than 50TB of digitized vintage film! One of our favorite StorNext features is the ability to intelligently tier data based on policies to a variety of targets, including tape, disk, or object storage. For OMSP, object storage seemed to make the most sense – it provided extremely fast read and write access (~6GB/s) as well as unparalleled data protection through erasure encoding. Western Digital’s ActiveScale P100 fit the bill perfectly. It’s scalable into the multiple petabytes, has a fully compatible s3 connector for use with StorNext and backed by the world’s largest storage manufacturer. A total of 1.4PB now houses the entire OMSP archive as well as a backup of their Work in Progress storage. When a new file is written to the StorNext SAN, it’s immediately protected within 5 minutes — you can’t beat that piece of mind.


Phase 3:


Yes, MAM. We can do that. The last piece of the puzzle was a way to tie everything together, automate, and integrate. Enter Crucible MAM. Based on the Vidispine Media Backbone, Crucible is a powerful ally in the day to day workings of OMSP. Whether it’s finding footage to use inside Adobe Creative Cloud applications, or sending media to social media via Hootsuite integration, or helping to automate boring tasks, Crucible is the last bit of glue to hold the workflow together.


Phase 4:


We aren’t sure what the future holds for OMSP, but we’re happy to be their partners for their infrastructure and workflow. We know we’ve set them up with a rock solid foundation to grow upon, and no matter what new challenges they’re thrown – they have the tools to tackle it.


Productivity Boosted

High Performance Storage

SAN performance not only removes previous bottlenecks and ensures timely completion of projects, but higher res (4/6/8K) media can be captured and played back as needed.

Searchable Assets

The ability to search for and find the right assets for the project in a timely manner cuts production time. And once those assets are found, they’re easily imported into the production tools used to create content. Additionally, content can be shared with other teams for social use, or re-monetization.

Future Ready

The combination of StorNext, ActiveScale and Crucible lay the groundwork for future expansion, whether it’s the cloud or Artificial Intelligence – the Rebels are ready.
  • Backed Up Offsite Within 5 Minutes 100% 100%
  • Searchable Content and Assets 100% 100%
  • Suported by World Class Support Team 100% 100%

The Results Were Amazing

Now the Ole Miss team has everything they need to be successful and manage their growth. They’ve got a rock-solid SAN that handles all their Work in Progress, an Active Archive that protects all their valuable content, and a Media Asset Management system that allows not only discovery of assets, but integrations and automations to make their workflows more powerful than ever.